Federal Government expands compliance responsibility

Published on June 17, 2016
AJ Weitzberg
President of HIPAA Continuity Planners

The Federal Government has expanded their requirement of compliance to any vendor who provides medical goods or services to any agency or government employees.
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The cost of remediating a Data Breach is getting more expensive

The cost of remediating a HIPAA breach is now up to $355 per record.  Other types of breaches are also getting more expensive to remediate. 

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Beware of indemnification clauses in your contracts or BAA

​By AJ Weitzberg

There was a case just decided where an insurance company denied coverage, under a cyber insurance policy, for the reimbursement of the costs for a contractual reimbursement clause.  If you have an agreement that says you have to reimburse a customer for their expenses from your breach, those costs may very well not be covered.  

Review your policies, review your contracts and Business Associate Agreements, this can be a costly omission. 

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