About HIPAA Continuity Planners.

HCP has been established to provide a cost effective program for small and medium size Business Associates, enabling them to be compliant with the security provisions of HIPAA, HITECH and the Final Omnibus Rule of 2013.  If a person or entity “create, maintain, transfer or receive” or has access to Personal Health Information (PHI) they are required to be compliant. 

Under HIPAA Sections 164.306, 164.308, 164.310 and 164.312 all Business Associates and their subcontractors are required to have an up to date Risk Analysis Plan, Continuity Plan, Security Plan and Procedures, Documentation and Employee Training material. 

In 2017, HCP added compliance for the New York State Department of Finance "Cyber-Security  Regulation 500" ​to our offerings.  Very much like HIPAA, Reg. 500 requires policies and procedures protecting client information as well as for training employees.  

HCP is a subsidiary of Articulate Associates, Inc. a consulting firm incorporated in New York State since 2003. 
HCP President and Founder, A.J. (Andy) Weitzberg, has been the President of the Long Island Chapter of The Association of Contingency Planners* since 2009 and has worked in contingency planning since 2002.  Andy is a graduate of Pace University 

Andy spent 30 years experience in the Communications Industry. His experience includes Voice and Data Services and Equipment including terrestrial and wireless transport of these services.  This includes working with the Internet since 1996.